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Analytical Psychology

what it means

Analytical Psychology offers help in dealing with psychological difficulties, encourages and supports the development of the personality. Here are a few of the ways this practice stands apart from other forms of therapy and healing professions.

The stereotype of analysis is often seen in cartoons - a patient lying on a couch, facing away from the white-coated, bespectacled, rather cold, detached doctor. Happily the science and practice of psychology have grown in the past 100 years. Today the practice is done sitting face-to-face, having a conversation, exploring the whole range of human experience with warmth, compassion and humor.

We all get stuck sometimes and need help. It can be reassuring to know the analyst has gone through personal analysis and has much more than just a theoretical understanding of the material. She practices what she preaches.

Propelled by instinct or longing, our natural state is one of health and balance. C. G. Jung, the original founder of analytical psychology, said our neurosis, (symptom or illness) arises out of living a life too small for our soul.

Each person is seen as a unique individual. Truly effective help is found not in pat answers, set formulas, or blanket treatment plans but in solutions as unique as our personalities. Much of the answer lies within the person - recognition of that is often the problem. Here the analyst acts as a guide or interpreter. She helps the client understand and utilize the resources found in unexpected places.

Humans are multi-faceted creatures, - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. The experience of soul and the urge to live creatively are what drive us to find deep meaning in our lives. For some, the answers are to be found in organized religion and for others they may be found in nature, music, art, sports, philosophy or science. Analytical psychology understands this drive as simply one component of what it means to be human.

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